Parent Hacks admin: The Gut Test

Mieke’s wise (and much appreciated) comment in Robitussin works best got me thinking about the role of Parent Hacks with respect to the “parenting advice” business. This is probably a good time to reiterate that we’re not experts in the medical, legal, educational (or any other) sense. We’re just parents with a laptop, a wireless connection, and lots of opinions. I say this not to be defensive, but as a reminder that what you’ll find here, very simply, is a collection of parents’ real-life experiences.

That said, if a hack sneaks through that’s inaccurate or unsafe, by all means, comment! We know we’ll get it wrong sometimes. Our intention at Parent Hacks is to tap into the wisdom of crowds for help with the day-to-day mechanics of parenthood. Thanks to Mieke’s and everyone else’s comments, that’s exactly what’s happening.

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