Parent Hacks admin: the floodgates have opened!

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I’m very happy to report that Parent Hacks has been picked up by Cory at BoingBoing and Sarah at Blogging Baby (and many other mama- and papa-bloggers; immerito calls it "Lifehacker for those who no longer have lives"). The result is a massive influx of visitors and comments, as I’m sure you’ve noticed. I’m thrilled by the response, bewildered, in a good way, and in awe of the wildfire-like speed with which word spreads through the blogosphere. Thanks to all of you who have blogged about us, linked to us, sent hacks, and commented so far. You’re paving the way for this site to become an amazing resource for parents.


  1. says

    Color me a boingboing influxer. Im a full time dad of 3 kids (11, 3 and 4 months) and an digging on your site. I had a plan during the hectic time of my youngest’s birth to do a podcast called “Screaming Baby” Heck I even recorded the birth and such for a “soundseeing” tour of the process..but as you can tell by the lack of audio or postings since August I have had scheduling issues.

    I still plan on doing it..this site is a decided plus in that venture. Anyone selling slack on ebay?

    In Bob we trust, all others pay cash.


  2. says

    I’m just glad your site is able to handle the influx of visitors. I know being “boing-boinged” can be tough on the servers.

    I love the site. I’ve blogged it, and will be spreading it the old way (word-of-mouth), too.

  3. K Zirkel says

    I love it so far.

    Just don’t make it all about expensive products for rich people … like all those parenting “magazines”.

  4. says

    RE expensive kid gear…..

    They grow out of stuff so dang fast…my wife introduced me to the consignment shops early on and a good thing she did.

    There are deals to be had aplenty for stuff that costs the mega$$$ in the stores. Not that we dont browse the stores to get a feel for what works and what dont…and to use the spacious changing rooms. When it comes time to plunk down the greenbacks the order of battle is

    0) Friends and Family Reuse Recycle Network
    1) Look for it at a consignment shop
    2) Scout around GoodWill type stores
    2a) Ebay for it
    3) If its something we really want them to have hit the $tores.

    For instance, this holiday season I impulsed purcahses a Whatzit for full price, my wife had already found it at a consingment shop for 1/3 the price. So now Isaac has 2 Whatzits and Daddy was schooled on the order of battle again.