Calling all spidergirls and boys: REI has a climbing wall

Michael was happily surprised when his five year-old daughter scaled the climbing wall at REI: We recently went to our local REI sporting goods store, where my 5-year-old discovered the freestanding indoor climbing wall. I told her what it was, and immediately she wanted to try it. I didn’t think that they would even LET […]

Disposable cameras for kids

Here’s how Stu encourages his kids’ interest in photography: For just about any age, disposable cameras are a fantastic way to spend time.  They feed a child’s need to mimic adults and to be in charge of something.  It also introduces them to an art form that they can be good at right off the […]

If you tag them they will come

Ah, the magic of the blogosphere. With the help of Google Analytics, Jason Graham-Nye, one of the founders of gDiapers, found our post and left a detailed comment answering readers’ questions. Technorati Tags: Diapers, gDiapers

Stories on CD


This from veteran traveler-with-kid Tiffany: For long car trips, stories on CD (or tape) can be a lifesaver.  One of the best children’s storytellers is Jim Weiss ( He expertly adapts stories for children, keeping the excitement high and the conflict appropriate for young ears. His one-hour CDs are either a collection of stories or […]

Parent Hacks admin: Full feeds coming soon!

[Feed subscribers: please click through to Parent Hacks for important info in the rest of this post.] Good news for the RSS and email subscribers among you: in a few days, the Parent Hacks feed will contain full-text posts. Several of you have requested full feeds and we’re happy to oblige. You’ll notice a small […]

Why geeks make good fathers

Just had to share this with y’all: Top ten reasons geeks make good fathers. Geek mamas: we need our own top ten list! [Thank you! — Ed.] Technorati Tags: Fatherhood, Geeks, Parenting