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Mike’s two year-old son, Collin, loves to play Web-based Flash games. He was nice enough to take a break from the gaming long enough to write about his favorites on his dad’s blog.

I’d love to hear others’ suggestions for good computer games, either online or software, for all age ranges.

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  1. says

    When on the computer, my daughter loves, and Playhouse Disney. We recently got her a VSmile system for Christmas, which she’s been playing incessantly lately.

  2. Irene says

    Our 4 year old has been surfing the Sesame Street website since he was two and is still finding interesting games/interactive sites to keep him occupied since there is a wide interactive age range. So we don’t always have to be there to supervise, we have set up a KidBrowser (I think that’s the actual name of the program) on our Mac which allows us to choose the sites he can get into. Right now we have it set to, and NickJr.

  3. Gila Boucher says

    Thanks to Mike & Collin for the cool selection of excellent websites containing many previously undiscovered. One that isn’t included in the collection, that my five-year-old has revisited many times and I would like to recommend is There is an appealing painterly feel to the graphics and some original ideas so I’m happier and encouraged to sit with her while she, or my one-year-old, plays…