No pacifier? Use your pinky!

Jon of reminded me about something I often did when my kids were newborns:

There are bound to be times when Mom isn’t there to nurse, the formula isn’t ready, or you can’t find the pacifier. One way to soothe your hungry baby is to use your pinky. After you wash your hands, turn one of your hands so your palm is facing up, and then insert the end of your pinky into their mouth. This has worked for both of my children, and will usually pacify them for several minutes.

(This is one of several hundred reasons to keep your nails clipped short after you become a parent.)

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  1. says

    That was the one thing that worked for Sophie – she didn’t take a pacifier. We joked that I needed to have cast made of my pinky for Betsy to use while I was gone for the day.

  2. Terry says

    I’ve also used my pinky but by curling it up and letting them suck the knuckle.

    And, using the fleshy part of my hand… this gets a better seal and cuts down on gas (which is a good thing!)