10 January 2006

Make your own white noise CD

So sayeth John:

If you want a CD of white noise [the crackly static sound which masks other noises to help babies sleep], burn your own. Download free cross-platform audio editing software (such as Audacity) and use the "Generate White Noise" function to record your own CD.

And then he asked:

Anyone know of a non-commercial source for womb-sound audio?


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For a while we just used radio static to act as white noise.
Sometimes we would get trucker interference though.
Honestly the white noise generators are pretty cheap these days. I believe the one we got was under 20$ and had whitenoise, running water, rain, and a couple other things.
Love the blog.
PS loosely related to white noise. The happiest baby on the block book was a lifesaver for us. Highly recommend.

I guess you could just loop this 30-second clip over and over for womb sounds:


Here is another site that offers a clip of womb noise.


Aire Freshener is free and has some great sounds (including white noise and utero).


I used Audacity (http://audacity.sourceforge.net/) on OS X to make a looping white noise mp3. Burning it to a CD is pretty easy, but I never needed to.

It works wonderfully, much better than a vacuum cleaner, although the $20 white noise machine from Bed Bath and Beyond works really well also.

Turn on the vaccum cleaner or a hairdryer (set to cold) in the baby's room for white noise. You can also record it on a small recorder if you have one. Worked for me until my son turned 14 months.

Our favorite device is a fan. Either a small desktop fan, or (during the winter) a humidifier. Easy to use, easy to find when traveling.

I have made some low-fi recordings of various white noise sources using my cell phone. I have made them available for download at http://freewhitenoisesounds.googlepages.com.

Let me know if you'd like to hear recordings of any other sources and I'll see what I can do.

I actually put together a White Noise CD that I sell on my blog. It's pretty effective. It gently transitions from White to pink noise which is much softer (sounds like ocean surf). Check it out!


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