Ukulele for the size-challenged

When my daughter was five, she wanted to learn to play guitar. The problem: most guitars, even small ones, were too unwieldy. Not wanting to discourage her interest in music, I found the perfect solution: a ukulele! A ukulele is ideal for younger kids because it’s only got four strings, making it easier to learn notes, finger patterns, and simple, classic songs. It’s a great, fun way to master the basics of music, and it makes for an easy transition to other stringed instruments. Plus, your child learns to play a “real” instrument, not something that’s been cut down to a child’s size.

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  1. Josh says

    My parents did this for me when I was younger; I got a baritone ukulelewhen I was 9 or so, and looking back, it was a great idea; cheap instrument, and it felt real.. plus, only 4 strings, and soft strings at that (I don’t think the gashes from harder strings would really make a kid appreciate the experience ;) )

    It went a long way to going towards the musical experience, and I now play an acoustic guitar.

    Apparently my parents were parenthackers

  2. Omri says

    Urban legend? Yo Yo Ma started as a kid by holding a violin in the cello position. So I’ve been told.

  3. says

    excellent idea.

    my daughter is nearly seven, and about a year ago i got her a near-half-size acoustic which now fits her just about right. i wanted to get her a guitar earlier (since she was always trying to play my full size), but never thought of a ukulele…

    maybe for the next kid!