Low-tech babyproofing hacks

S. Gazzetti has devised some brilliant low-tech babyproofing solutions. Parent Hacks favorite: Cranium De-Bonker. Oh, and S.? Might want to lock up those ebola cultures.

Dana at Mombian suggests using foam pipe insulation to soften sharp corners.

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  1. Laura BC says

    Can’t go wrong with a roll of duct tape–especially when traveling. Bring one along to cover outlets, tape down wires, etc…

  2. Gordon says

    The velcro ties that are used for cable management (available at office supply stores, computer stores, etc) are great for securing cabinet doors to each other so that little ones cannot open them.

  3. says

    That cabinet lock thing in genius. I wish I would have done that rather than installing all those damn things on the doors with two screws in the cabinet and two in the frame. Argh.

  4. Jaime says

    These are great!

    Anyone have any tips for those horrid cabinets that don’t have pull knobs or handles (and for when you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment which you can’t drill into the cabinets?

  5. STL Mom says

    Jaime – we had the knobless cabinets when my daughter was little. We put everything breakable or poisonous up high. My daughter thought cans were for stacking, like blocks. She liked to pull the labels off, so sometimes we had “mystery vegetables” for dinner. We had to check for stuffed animals before putting water in pots. But everything was fine until she learned how to pull chairs across the room and stand on the counter…
    So I suggest buying really heavy chairs and storing them on a thick rug.