Laundry basket baby bath

So elegant and obvious — why didn't we think of this? Blogging Baby writer Charlene Prince Birkeland bathes her baby in a plastic laundry basket!

I will say this for the now-obsolete baby bathtub — it makes a great water-play toy out on the lawn during the summer.

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  1. kittenpie says

    When our baby was really little, I found even the baby bathtub was a little big and I hated worrying about her slip-sliding around, so we used a small basin of the sort often used for washing dishes or storing books – sufficiently small to keep her nicely bundled in and mostly upright. we did also have a moment with a stock pot that kept her in a sitting position before she could really sit… cute pic, if nothing else. Now we use that basin to store some puzzles and large books of hers in the living room.

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