Anyone can knit with a Knifty Knitter loom

Amazon: Knifty Knitter loom and hook set From Margaret:

The Knifty Knitter is any parent's dream–an activity that will keep your child occupied for an extended period of time. I bought my first-grade daughter a set of knitters and a few skeins of colorful chunky yarn, and she has been quietly and enthusiastically knitting hats for herself and family members ever since. It's easy to use, and what parent or grandparent doesn't love a handmade gift?

Amazon: Loom Knitting PrimerIt's true. Anyone, and I mean anyone, can knit with the Knifty Knitter. It's remarkably easy to make simple hats and scarves, and variations are as simple as choosing different yarns.

For easy directions and patterns, pick up a copy of the Loom Knitting Primer by Isela Phelps. I found a copy at my local library.

Have you ever used a Knifty Knitter or other brand of knitting loom? Got any tips or favorite patterns to share?


  1. Robin says

    I agree. Earlier this winter, my two daughters and I got snowed it for a couple extra days at my parents. My mother pulled out some knifty knitters, and my daughters happily knitted away. The cabin fever meltdowns I anticipated never materialized!

  2. Debbie says

    My 8-year-old daughter got hooked on the Knifty Knitter after she learned how to spool knit. She always has at least two projects going on the different hoops, and she has made some beautiful hats, scarves, and crafts.

    For beginners, I would suggest making a hat (knitting in the round) using one strand of yarn – don’t start out making a scarf or flat panel.

    Red Heart yarn was a good beginning yarn to work with. Avoid the soft chenille yarns when starting out, as those tended to break when hooked over the pegs.

    Get the narrow booklet of instructions for the Knifty Knitter, instead of relying only on the instructions in the kit.

    Also, get extra hooks up front (especially if you’re ordering online), since they’re easy for kids to lose. Once you start doing multiple projects on different rings at the same time, have at least one hook for each ring so you can keep the whole project together in a tote bag for easy take-along.