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We’ve already talked about how you can use Flickr tags to create slideshows for your kid. Alison does something similar at, the yummy social bookmarking service:

I use to keep track of interesting websites, and create a ‘sidebar’ for my blog. A couple of months ago, I realised that when I spotted websites that my daughter or son would like, I could add ‘marianne’ or ‘jonathan’ tags to, and then give the kids a single bookmark to click (eg / They get a continuous stream of interesting new sites with content they’ll like, and I don’t have to perpetually fuss with their bookmark lists; I can add sites from home, from work, from internet cafes.

What a great way to be involved in your kids’ Web exploration.

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  1. Niel says

    You can also create their own accounts and use the “for” feature to send them bookmarks.