15 January 2006

Keep kids company as they do chores

Dennis in Eugene, OR offers a suggestion for easing the chore wars:

Keep your kid company when they're doing their chores. My daughter hated clearing the table and doing dishes until we figured out the problem: after dinner we would retire to the living room to talk and she felt left out. Now we continue to sit at the table to talk and include her in the conversation. She does a much better job in the kitchen and often tells us that she's OK and we can go into the living room to chat if we want to.

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That is a great idea! I've noticed that my daughter (10) always asks for company when she cleans out her rat's cage, but I thought that I should take the opportunity to teach that doing things by yourself was a good lesson. I worried about this decision, and now this post really pushed me to the other side, to keep her company when she does any chore. Thanks Dennis!

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