Track baby milestones on a calendar

Zine editor Tiffany gives those of us suffering with baby book paralysis an out:

Keep a calendar by your baby's changing table and jot milestones on it. You can always transfer the information to a fancy baby book later, but when they're little I found that keeping the calendar handy encouraged me to write at least a few words almost every day.

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  1. says

    Such a good idea. I keep a folder by our mail slot where I’ve been filing all of our boy’s loose photos, documents, etc. Once a month when I pay bills, I also grab the folder and either paste the items into our baby book or find another home for it.

  2. says

    This is a great idea. Our little guy (now 8 months) received a baby’s first year calendar that we keep in his nursery, and everytime he does something new, or has an appointment, or gets weighed, we take a minute to jot a quick note down. Just tonight we jotted down tooth number 3. I highly recommend this suggestion!

  3. E-beth says

    I use 4×6 index cards. I leave them in a box in my sons room along with a pen. (The box is on a high shelf) Whenever I feel inspired I just write a sentence or two on a card, date it and throw it in the box. Someday I’ll organize them into something a little nicer. The box is big enough for his art work and any special photos I want to keep for him too. Just remember to date the backs.

  4. HeatherS says

    We do this very thing, only using the calendar hanging in our kitchen. It has the added bonus of being a handy reference when talking with out-of-town grandparents. We can take a quick look at the calendar to see what’s new with their grandson since we last talked to them.