Hacking nighttime diapers (literally!) to control leaks

Amazon: Luvs Ultra Leakguard Stretch DiapersKrista from Eaton Rapids, MI (whose baby is particularly well-hydrated) has this to say about nighttime leakage:

After many soaked diapers (including the expensive overnight ones) and wads of wet bedding we finally got desperate. One night when my son was about a year old I cut a slit into his regular Luvs diaper, put it on him, and then put a size bigger Luvs diaper over it.  It worked, and we have been doing this ever since!

Sometimes, the desperate need for sleep trumps budgetary and environmental concerns.

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  1. Jil says

    There are pads just for this purpose. They go inside a diaper for extra absorption at night. Each of my kids needed them as they transitioned between diaper sizes. They’re called “Diaper Doublers” and were available at my Publix grocery.

  2. says

    My family just spent 5 weeks in the US. My two sons (12 months and three years) had great fun. Huge amounts of good experiences. The US is in general very friendly towards kids. High quality playgrounds, high quality and low priced toys, high quality and low priced clothes etc… But there’s one exception:

    American diapers. They’re expensive and of low quality. We never experience nighttime leakage at home. With American diapers this was a constant problem. Even with brands that we have in Norway as well (like Pampers).

    I have absolutely no idea why.

    Anyone out there with the oposite experience? Travelling from the US to Europe?

  3. says

    I’ll personally give it a shot when my son is older – he’s just a month old – so I can get some more sleep.

    As for the diaper quality, right now it doesn’t really matter now, does it? Since I’m staying awake to take care of baby, there’s no point in buying overnight/ultraabsorbent diapers.

  4. says

    We’re a cloth family and we’ve been double diapering at night at least since they were one. We also have soaker pads that we will ultimately move to as our girls get more control at night.

  5. alice says

    We are also a cloth family, but after some serious soakings, we decided to go with disposables just for night, and go a size bigger, so she has lots of absorbent ability.

  6. Mieke says

    We are also a cloth family, and have started to double diaper at night for the past half year (since age 2.5). Didn’t need to before. I guess the combination of longer sleeping periods and a bigger bladder make it more needed now. Soaker pads sound useful – what are they?

  7. joye says

    So we tried this hack for the first time last night and either I’m doing something wrong (not a big enough hole? too-absorbent diapers?) or something. So, Krista from Michigan, how BIG a slit did you cut in the Luvs diaper (which is even what we use)? How long? Was it wide? Our outer diaper was barely wet at all, but our daughter completely peed out the front anyhow. And the gloppy yellow mess of absorbent stuff coming out of the cut diaper was very nearly disastrous. Help! I want this to work so badly!

  8. says

    It seemed as though every morning at 4am, our 8 month old girl woke with a wet diaper! We use gDiapers during the day, and 7th Generation at night. Now, I use a gDiaper insert inside the 7th generation, and voila no leaks!

  9. a dad says

    Conquering the overfilling of diapers can be easily defeated in a low cost solution. We have 5 girls and one boy and the first 3 girls always overflowed any brand name “high quality” diaper, Huggies, Luvs, etc, even nighttime ones. A friend introduced us to a brand called Kozy Kids (yes distributed by Amway but keep reading) and they worked perfectly and we’ve never had a problem since then. We’ve since stopped using Amway but have found that Kozy Kids are apparently manufactured by a company that does this for many many distrutors! The VGs diapers (michigan store) are the same kinds. Then we found out that Walgreens very own diapers are also the same kind. Hands down Walgreen diapers beat all others on quality and price! Plus they’re open 24 hours here and they usually have some kind of buy two get some discount, I got mine last night a 15cents a diaper!