Go Go Babyz wheelie cart for Britax car seats

Gogo Recently seen at the Burbank, CA airport: a trim little wheelie cart for a Britax car seat.

Manufacturer: Go Go Babyz (why the z?)
Cost: under $100
Not having to drag your car seat thru the airport: priceless

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  1. says

    Not only do you not have to drag the carseat around, you can dispinse with the stroller. Just hook up the Kidz while waiting for the parking lot shuttle and then wheel the kid through the entire check-in, security, race-to-the-gate process.

    One caveat: On our last flight, we didn’t buy the kid a seat on the plane so the carseat+Kidz was stuffed into a carseat bag for checking at the gate. When we recovered the carseat bag at our destination, one of the wheels had popped off the Kidz, but it snapped back together okay (be sure to locate the washer as well as the nut that pop off). The same thing happened again on the trip home, but the Kidz is still no worse for wear.

  2. Anne says

    Everytime we travel with ours we see a *minimum* of 2 dads dragging their Marathon through the airport. When they see us with wheeling our GoGo Kidz the conversation is always the same, “Where did you get that?! God I wish I had that!!”

  3. Alden says

    I bought a $25 cover/travel case for our daughter’s Decathlon (the SafeFit Car Seat 2-in-1 Cover’n Carry, available at Wal-Mart http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=2276637&cat=164194&type=1&dept=5427&path=0%3A5427%3A91365%3A164194). Of course, I left it at home as we rushed to the airport. However, I was able to fashion a sling for it using the excess strap at the back of the Decathlon (the versa teather?). Unfortunately, I didn’t think of it until the way home, so I struggled like mad with it on the way out.

    I thought about the GoGo Kidz carrier, but I heard that it doesn’t fit down all airplane aisles and I don’t think I’d ever put my daughter in anything that keeps her at ground level while running through a crowded airport.

    The Cover’n Carry also can be turned inside out and put over the car seat to keep the seat from getting too hot in warm climates.