18 January 2006

Gerber sippy cup hell

Gerber "spill-proof" cups may not spill. but they certainly do leak. Go for Playtex sippy cups instead.

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I second that! Our son takes pride in banding the gerber cups against any available surface so that the anti-spill widget drops off of the lid, then pouring his milk/water/beer all over the table and making beverage art. He has yet to defeat the playtex widget.

Beer? That's why he can't keep his cup steady. HAHA. I have had the same problem with the Gerber cups too. My son loves to create his own sprinkler system when he knocks the valve out of his Gerber cup. Has anyone tried the Munchkin brand?

I swear by the Avent ones. When cups disappear and you don't find them for days(or ACK! weeks!) you can take apart the entire cup and give it a good scrubbing. Those other cups gook gets stuck in the tight corners where even a nipple brush won't go..

My daughter defeated the anti-spill widgets in the Gerber and Playtex cups before we tried a soft-spout style cup. (Avent makes them, but we used the inexpensive Luv 'N Care Nuby No-Spill Sippy Gripper Cup.) They served well except for one that had a juice box straw stuck into the no-spill spout.

Now she carries a 12 oz. In Zone Kids suregrip water bottle that coordinates with the larger 22 and 34 oz. In Zone suregrip sports bottles Mom and Dad carry.

We skipped the whole sippy cup (wow, what a stupid name) thing and went straight to straw cups. And we found that the only straw cup that doesn't leak is Gerbers. Interesting.

we had the same problem with those cursed gerber cups... why wasn't this blog around back then!?!

we found that as long as we jammed the valve in tight it's okay, but the one that kept leaking turned out to have a crack in the round hole that the valvey thing goes into. I do like that you can buy extra valves for them. So one post in favour - they have worked just fine for us.

My wife came across some cups made by The First Years at Wal-Mart a couple of years ago. They've got a built in valve and no small parts to lose. Just a cup and lid. They're the only cups we'll use.

I love the gerber cups, so if anyone wants to sell me their used ones...just email me..thanks! hagey1@hotmail.com

I have twin girls and I have tried several cups and they have managed to make them all leak. I find puddles on my floor all of the time. I have yet to try the gerber cups, thanks for the info. I will have to go pick up a couple. Hopefully it works.

Decompiler - where can you buy extra valves? I've been searching all over and can't find them anywhere! Thanks!

Oops I guess I meant Alice...

Where can you find the In Zone Kids Suregrip cups? Walmart no longer carries them where I live?
With 4 children...I am a big fan of this product!

Gerber gripper sippy cups are the BEST value and unless your kid is the "samsonite ape", the valve stays in. We have cups from our first daughter that child #3 is using. Playtex cups work well, but they are expensive, and the kids cannot hold them easily, plus they wont stand up so if they are left unattended in a car (or our bed) capillary action drains them dry. :+(

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