Freezer-fresh sandwich bread

Keep the sliced sandwich bread and bagels in the freezer. PB & J (and any other sandwich filling) spreads nicely on frozen bread, and packs neatly into a sandwich bag. When noontime rolls around, the bread will have thawed, and the sandwich will be perfectly fresh, soft and munchable.

Bonus: Frozen bread keeps an insulated lunch pack cool.

Warning: I’ve tried freezing pre-made PB & J sandwiches, too. Total failure.

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  1. Jill says

    All my bread lives in the freezer. The toaster thaws it quickly if you need it immediately, otherwise it thaws by lunch. Another tip is to make a whole loaf of French Toast some weekend, replace it in the bread bag, freeze it, then break off frozen slices to put in the toaster for a quick, healthy breakfast.

  2. says

    Toasted PB&J! Wh00t!!1! Not a lunchbox idea, but one for after school or breakfast or midnight snack. Toast is a fun way to experiment with kids. Also, PB&Banana is tasty and textural.