Favorite ‘no trans fat’ snacks

The FDA is changing food labels so you’ll now know how much trans fat lurks in your kid’s food. Trans fat — the result of hydrogenating oil — typically shows up in packaged snacks such as cookies and crackers. Because it’s more shelf-stable than regular oil, however, manufacturers use it in all sorts of convenience foods.

I’ve been a trans fat detective for years. I generally shop at my local natural-foods grocery store or Trader Joe’s for snacks, cereals, and other ready-made food. I save money by watching for sales, packing my freezer, and buying staples at conventional supermarkets.

A few favorites:

What are your family’s favorite trans fat-free snacks?

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  1. says

    We absolutely LOVE the Organic Letter of the Day cookies in both Very Vanilla and Oatmeal Cinnamon.

    Unfortunately, our local grocer has stopped carrying them and I can’t seem to find them anymore.

  2. Laura says

    We also love those letter of the day cookies – I buy them for my son, but I have to hide them from my husband or he eats them all. They have them at Whole Foods Market by us. Some other favorites: Organic Crunchin’ Crackers (also Earth’s Best – they have Elmo on the box); Honey Maid Grahams Honey Sticks (graham crackers, but in stick form – great for snacking & for little hands); Fig Newtons; Whole Foods Quack’n Bites Organic Cheese Crackers; Barbara’s Animal Cookies (vanilla).