Duct tape their PJs

The first official hack that employs duct tape! (To be fair, Laura BC did mention duct tape in her comment on Low-tech babyproofing hacks.)

Charles tells us:

When our kids were still in diapers and wearing footed PJs with zippers – and they got old enough to think it was funny to unzip and take the diaper off – we'd put a strip of duct tape across their chests so they couldn't unzip.

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  1. Bob Matsuoka says

    A strip of duct tape on the sole of the PJ foot is also a great subsitute for non-skid grips (Older kids pjs have them, but we have a pair meant for kids that don’t walk, but ours is walking/crusing early)

  2. Leslie says

    Our middle daughter was a real striptease artist – could get out of any blanket sleeper. For us the answer was to cut off the feet and put the sleeper on backwards. Cutting off the feet also extends the life of the sleeper when your child outgrows them in length in a hurry – good for older kids who still like one piece PJs.