(Play) Doh! Why didn’t we think of this sooner?

Scott shares his secret for peaceful restaurant dinners with his toddler:

One of our best “hacks” has been the purchase of a large bag of tiny cans of Play Doh. It came in a bag of twenty. I think they were party favors. We keep a couple of these cans in the car or diaper bag for our two year-old. It completely occupies her when we go out for dinner. Before the Play Doh, we could hardly keep her in her seat.



  1. says

    my grrrl’s nearly 7, so she’s usually fine in the restaurants; but for those times when we’re headed somewhere *really* boring where we’ll be waiting a while (post office, bank, etc, etc…) we keep her well stocked with little notebooks and small packs of colored pencils. she brings a little purse with them in it, and will occupy herself with drawing and writing for a long time.

    oh, and i end up wih some killer additions to my cubical art gallery! ;)

  2. says

    I swear by the small cans of Playdoh for my 2.5yo dd. I have 2 cans in my purse at all times. She will even ask me to create something for her to play with (dog, horse, snake, bunny etc.) then makes up stories. The ‘doh rocks.

  3. kittenpie says

    I have a small purse I fill with s favourite board book or two, a little snack, and a few small toys for when we are going out. For when she gets a bit older and has the dexterity to handlt them, I have been collecting up mini books in a lunch box, so she has a bunch of stories to take along, as well a little notepads and pencils. But now I’m going to try playdoh!

  4. says

    Now that my son has stopped trying to eat the Playdoh we always have these on hand too. We bought a bunch as favors and for the kids to play with at his birthday party and they were super cheap for a huge pack of them…and we still have several of them almost nine months later!