Disposable cameras for kids

Here’s how Stu encourages his kids’ interest in photography:

For just about any age, disposable cameras are a fantastic way to spend time.  They feed a child’s need to mimic adults and to be in charge of something.  It also introduces them to an art form that they can be good at right off the bat.  It can get a little expensive, but once your kid shows that they are willing to be careful with expensive things, get them a cheap digital camera and let them go wild.

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  1. says

    I’ve let my son play with my digital camera for a while now (after a phase of “oh god he’s got my camara!”)- it’s fascinating to see what he takes photos of – usually stuff that’s important to *him* (his lunch, his baby sister and so on)

    To this day, the two best photos of me that I’ve had taken have been taken by him. He’s got the eye for it. And because it’s digital, he can take as many as he likes!

  2. Ted says

    Digital can definitely pay for itself quickly. We bought my son a Kodak EasyShare for $100 and he’s probably taken over 1000 pictures with it. Rechargable batteries are advisable here, as well.

  3. says

    three years ago for xmas, we got our daughter one of those little polaroid i-zone cameras with several rolls of sticker film (it takes little 1 inch by 1.5 inch pictures that come out as stickers). she really got into it and she took some great little pictures.

    nowadays, she likes to take pictures with my camera/phone. she’ll even have me email them to her so she can print them out and hang them up in her room.

    she’s having fun, learning, and expressing herself… what could be better?

  4. says

    There are some pretty cheap digital cameras out there now. This helps a lot because you can delete the one’s of your kid’s finger or the print of the couch but keep the one he took of the bird in the tree.

    The Polaroid’s are fun, but the film is fairly expensive.

  5. says

    After a couple of years of being carefully supervised with my digital camera, my five-year-old daughter was given a KidzCam by her grandparents.

    She was bitterly disappointed with its photo quality compared to regular digital cameras. We plan to either buy a cheap digital camera for her or give her my old digital camera after we replace it with a newer model.