Cleaning up crayon marks and poster paint

Beth in the UK writes:

If your little darling has drawn on the walls with wax crayons, use baby wipes to take it off. The sooner the better of course but if you don’t discover it until weeks later because they’ve hidden it behind the sofa etc. it’ll still come off with a little persistence.

Be it ready mix or powdered, if you squirt a bit of washing up liquid in the mixture it will come off/out of most things.

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  1. Scott Severtson says

    Try the “magic erasers” you see at the grocery store – they work really well on most kid-created marks on walls and wood. Another favorite solution: Bon Ami cleaning powder (non-toxic, all natural) and a little water.

  2. Josh says

    Toothpaste will remove Sharpie (permanent) marker marks on wood (and possibly other) surfaces. We found this hint on the Internet when our 2 year old marked all over our cherry dining table :) It worked incredibly well and you couldn’t tell anything had ever happened to the table.

  3. Dan says

    How can I remove the blue crayon lines from my daughter’s aquadoodle mat? No it was not a washable crayon.

    Thanks, Dan