Carnation Instant Breakfast can stand in for Pediasure

Carnation Instant Breakfast mixed with whole milk can be an economical substitute for Pediasure. Use a fork to stir the powder into the milk — does a better job than a spoon.

If you need to buy in quantity, Care Express sells cases of Carnation Instant Breakfast at a discount.

Note: if your pediatrician specifically recommends Pediasure, double-check with him/her before you switch.

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  1. Terry says

    Even faster, use the Magic Bullet… it mixed things very quickly and you even have a built in cup. Less things to wash.

  2. george says

    Our 3 year stop gaining weight when she got 6 months. At a year, we went to a gastro specialist. There was nothing wrong, but he had us add Carnation Instant Breakfast and milk to her diet to pack in the calories.

    Thanks for the link to the website, our local costco only sold the chocolate variety in the big containers.

  3. HandsFree says

    I believe the nutrition… vitamins/minerals added to Carnation Instant Breakfast are added in proportions suitable for adults and older children. I notice that one serving has 25% of an adult’s daily value of iron, as well as many other vitamins/minerals.

    Iron can be poisonous for kids when taken in excess, so I think anyone wishing to give a small child more than 2 servings per day to check with their pediatrician first.