Another vote for The First Years sippy cup

Zkywords seconds Clark’s vote for the simple, unleaky design of The First Years sippy cup.

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  1. Owen says

    Just a vote in the other direction. We’ve only had one cup with this type of top and although the valve works fine, we can never get the top sealed to the cup well enough to keep it from leaking. We have a smaller version, so maybe the tall cups are better.

  2. Sandy says

    Love the First Years sippy cup. Bought 4 and never had a problem with them. You got to make sure you align the grooves before closing the cap, or it will leak on its side. But the flip lid is really handy when traveling. The Gerber Sport Bottle works great too You can even stick a straw without the valve and it works great. Hack into it by shaving a little off the top of the spout to get the straw in.