On buying fewer toys

A very smart team of people in India have posted a bunch of make-yourself playthings called Toys From Trash. [via Boing Boing and Make:] Half of my family is from India, and I was lucky enough to visit a while back. Although ingenuity isn’t a uniquely Indian trait, I must say that in India, I’ve […]

Fun on the MAKE:

Did you know the DIY-licious MAKE: blog has a whole category devoted to LEGO projects? And gaming? Technorati Tags: Gaming, Lego, Make: magazine

Sippy cup on-the-go

Never fails: you leave home without a sippy cup, and minutes later the toddler's begging for a drink. Instructables offers a DIY solution: bore a hole into a drink top with a car key, then poke a straw thru. [Via Lifehacker] More: Sippy cup hacks

ThinkFun Games make for smart gifts


We discovered ThinkFun puzzles and games in Amsterdam, but we just noticed them in a big display at our local Barnes & Noble. They make excellent games for preschoolers and young school-age kids. We’ve been playing River Crossing with our six year-old, and he loves it (we all do). Great as travel entertainment, too. Technorati […]

Freezer-fresh sandwich bread

Keep the sliced sandwich bread and bagels in the freezer. PB & J (and any other sandwich filling) spreads nicely on frozen bread, and packs neatly into a sandwich bag. When noontime rolls around, the bread will have thawed, and the sandwich will be perfectly fresh, soft and munchable. Bonus: Frozen bread keeps an insulated […]

Secrets of organized families

ParentCenter’s Secrets of Organized Families has been tops on del.icio.us/popular/parenting for a while now (along with, ahem, Parent Hacks), but it’s worth mentioning here as well. Excellent de-clutter and organizing tips for every room in the house, and tips on attitude change as well. An aside: Notice how Flylady makes a strong showing in the […]

Trusting their own abilities

Just came across a lovely article on Karen’s blog at Take2Max. The gimicky-sounding title, "Trusting Their Own Abilities: 6 Tips for Asset-Focused Parenting," almost turned me off, but I kept reading, and I’m glad I did. Some great advice there about the difference between praise and recognition, and about helping kids appreciate themselves as individuals.

Serve-it-yourself cereal


Via Sara via Daily Candy: a countertop cereal “keg” kids can operate themselves. Put a small pitcher of milk on a low shelf in the fridge, a few spoons and plastic bowls in the cupboard, and they can make their own breakfasts! (And you get to sleep in?) A “Mom Tested” pick by Parenting magazine. […]

Parenting hacks at 43folders

43folders is Merlin Mann’s site devoted to all things productivity and organization. Devotees of 43folders can post ideas/suggestions/discussion to his wiki, and many among them are parents. I give you: the 43folders wiki on Parenting Hacks. (Unsure what a wiki is?) Technorati Tags: 43folders, Organization