31 December 2005

Parent Hacks' New Year's Resolutions

  1. To listen more, talk less.
  2. To cut ourselves some slack. Parenting isn't easy, and we won't always get it right.
  3. To get rid of the @#$% alphabet magnets that litter the kitchen floor and that no one plays with anyway.
  4. To remember that our kids want 30 minutes of our devoted attention more than a little trinket or treat, even though the treat usually gets more obvious admiration.
  5. To accept and treasure who our children are, not who we think they should be.

Happy New Year!

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Hey now! I learned to read at the age of four 'cause of those refrigerator magnets.

Those magnets are on the floor in our house because that's the game -- Anything on the fridge? Knock it to the floor! (What else would a 1.5 year old do with letters, anyway?)

I thought the alphabet magnets were more for the parents to play with (at least at our house).

Wonderful replacement: *FLAT* magnets that are much, much harder to take off. But just as fun to move around. And.... don't hurt if stepped on!

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amen on the fridge magnets! we recently got them for our 19 month old, and that's exactly what he does, swipe them onto the floor...good to know it's a universal thing among the little ones!

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