Heat pizza in the toaster

Heat individual slices of cold pizza in the toaster. Toasts up nicely melty and crunchy (not flaccid and unevenly heated as in the microwave). Toaster oven or pop-up kind works fine.

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  1. Stu Mark says

    My kids like food hot, but only lightly crisp. So I cook the food in the microwave (not all the way, but really close) and then pop it in the toaster oven for two minutes. The time in the toaster oven dries the food enough for the kids to feel like it is crispy, without any danger of that burnt taste that my kids abhor.

  2. Ike says

    Even tastier, I use a frying pan with a lid.

    It crisps the bottom and heats the cheese nicely. Slightly longer than a toaster but fantastic results. You can actually do a combo with 30 seconds in the microwave and then into the pan if you want to experiment, but I find that 3 minutes in the pan, medium heat does the trick quite nicely.

    Never gets complaints unlike the microwave.