Parent Hacks’ New Year’s Resolutions

To listen more, talk less. To cut ourselves some slack. Parenting isn’t easy, and we won’t always get it right. To get rid of the @#$% alphabet magnets that litter the kitchen floor and that no one plays with anyway. To remember that our kids want 30 minutes of our devoted attention more than a […]

How to get top dollar selling your kids’ used clothes

If you haven't yet identified a good kids' resale shop in your neighborhood, hop to it. Used kids' clothing is the surest way to stretch your sartorial budget. Find a shop you like When evaluating a resale shop, check out the clothes for sale. Are the brands reputable? Are the clothes in good condition? Is […]

Family hacks at Lifehacker

The fabulous Lifehacker has been in the hacks business for quite some time, and, while mostly concerned with tech and personal productivity, devotes a page to Family Hacks. Good advice, there. Technorati Tags: Lifehacker

Captain Bogg and Salty deliver delicious pirate tunes


Yo ho! September 19th is Talk Like a Pirate Day, but we can’t wait that long to tell you about the rockin-est pirate band this side of the Carribean. Captain Bogg and Salty, says lovely Portland mama Mary Wells: …are so good that sometimes I choose to listen to them when the kids don’t even […]

Heat pizza in the toaster


Heat individual slices of cold pizza in the toaster. Toasts up nicely melty and crunchy (not flaccid and unevenly heated as in the microwave). Toaster oven or pop-up kind works fine. Technorati Tags: Pizza, Toasters

TiVo taught my kid to read


No, really. Before Luke could read, he could operate the TiVo remote and navigate the interface to choose his favorite shows. He looked at the list of recorded programs, noted the channel icon and the first letter of the show title (PBS Kids logo + “D” = Dragon Tales), then — ba-boop! — on came […]

We do the math: High-quality clothes save $

It’s counter-intuitive, but you should spend a little more on the stuff they wear every day, because it will save you $ in the end. Cheap clothes look like crap after four or five washings. Good clothes keep their shape, don’t shrink, and have better hand-me-down potential and resale value. Consider this: a pair of […]

Freeze shredded cheese

When shredded cheese goes on sale, buy several bags and throw them in the freezer. You’ll have on hand the main element for super-quick lasagnas, quesadillas, enchiladas, grilled cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese… Bonus: almost anything becomes more appetizing to kids when topped with melted, shredded cheese. Broccoli, scrambled eggs, baked potatoes, refried beans… Technorati […]

Use Google Maps as a baby/kid resource

From Blogging Baby: Stefania Butler discovered that Google Maps helps her find kid-related businesses in her neighborhood (and in anyone else’s for that matter). I tried it myself — I typed “baby” and “children” into the search field — and found a number of clothing and furniture stores, child care establishments, and other family-friendly businesses […]

Icky, gooey experiments

Experiments. That’s what Luke calls his concoctions of flour, food coloring, water, dish soap, vinegar, and anything else he can dump into a bowl and stir. ‘Making experiments’ has been his favorite activity for a year now. Good, tactile fun. If you have an hour to fill and are in the mood for some ooey-gooey […]