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A hack is a workaround, a jerry-rig, a clever, pragmatic answer to a problem. Parents are some of the best hackers, because raising kids requires on-your-feet thinking and frequent improvisation.

We’ve got hacks a-plenty, but you, our savvy readers, have more than we could ever come up with on our own. Share your hack! We're looking for parenting tips and product recommendations relevant to kids of all ages. Obvious or not, geeky or not — try us. If we think your hack's useful, we’ll post it with props (and, if you like, a link) to you. We may edit for space and style, and even add a few comments, just for fun. If we decide not to use your hack, it's probably because we've already published a similar tip. (We still appreciate every submission.)

If you want credit, be sure to tell us your name and Web address. We’ll only use your email address to reply to you. We’ll never post it on the site, use it to spam you, or give/sell it to someone else. Also, as a general rule, we only publish first names unless you're reasonably well-known (on the Web or in the real world) — in that case we publish first and last names. If that's NOT okay — you want us to use only your first name, or you want to remain nameless — please let us know when you submit your hack.

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If your hack has an accompanying Flickr photo, tag it as parenthacks.

Product reviews

If you're representing a company you think has a hack-worthy product to share, please let us know!

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We welcome pitches for reviews of products or services, but, due to the volume of email we receive, only respond to those we think would fit with the Parent Hacks vibe.

We never do any sort of "advertorial" or pay-for-positive reviews. When we do receive pitches and product samples from vendors, we mention it up front.

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