1-3 Years

Welcome to the toddler years. Your kid is gaining mobility, vocabulary, and independence. And is most likely letting you know about it. Loudly.

We've got hacks that are relevant during these action-packed years, including:

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28 September 2011

Sippy cup stand-in: lidded paper coffee cup

Angela's almost-spillproof hack comes in handy on vacation, or on a quick errand run.

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09 September 2011

Beef up airplane seat belts for your toddler: CARES Child Aviation Restraint System

Speaking of toddlers and airplanes, Debbie of the fantastic family travel site Delicious Baby is hosting an excellent giveaway: a CARES Child Aviation Restraint System. I've read about this product for years, noting the obvious need something like this, and the generally good reviews. Read the full post at Delicious...

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09 September 2011

Strap the car seat to rolling luggage to "tote" toddlers through the airport

A clever hack for traveling solo with little kids, or for simply lugging the car seat through the airport.

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06 September 2011

Pack lunches for schoolkids and at-home kids at the same time

If your family has a mix of school-aged kids and toddlers (or other kids at home, say, home schoolers) this hack might save you some time and cleanup.

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25 August 2011

Makeshift corn cob holder: two forks

Not only will this hack protect tender fingers from steaming corn, it will keep most of the butter off of kids' hands.

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19 July 2011

Hack request: Biking with baby

Send us your best "biking with kids" tips! Summary to follow.

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18 July 2011

Magna Doodle doubles as car food tray

For a number of years, the Magna Doodle was essential travel entertainment in our family. Silent, no batteries, clean, versatile...the perfect toy for a car or plane. The only problem: ours was bulky. But Tracy's husband found a way to put that "feature" to good use as well.

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15 July 2011

Amazon TODAY ONLY: Fisher-Price Infant to Toddler Swing 50% off

This is one of those simple, inexpensive items that will make your kid(s), future siblings, visiting friends and neighborhood children very happy for years to come. A swing hanging on a tree in the front yard invites families to come together. In fact, I met a good friend for the...

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30 June 2011

An educational bath toy that costs pennies to make: homemade siphon

There's nothing better than a dead-simple toy that invites hands-on (or mouth-on!) experimentation. Especially when said "toy" can be purchased at the hardware store for practically nothing.

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07 June 2011

Vapor rub on the back of the hand helps congested thumb-suckers breathe easier at night

Do you use menthol rub on your kids? How old are they? Where do you put the rub? Do you have a favorite brand?

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24 May 2011

20 May 2011

How to find downtime when your kid won't nap

The religion all parents practice: the Worship of the Nap. Naptime equals quiet time, get-

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18 May 2011

"Wheel of What" app helps you keep track of (and decide on!) fun kid activities

via www.nohandsgames.com Jen's found a clever way to remember activities she wants to try with her kids: I have a hard time remembering which fun projects and activities we have on hand -- especially when I'm stressed or distracted. It's also hard to recall cool activities I see in magazines...

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13 May 2011

Amazon deal: 40% off Trunki ride-on kids' suitcases

The Trunki appeared here as an airport entertainment hack a couple years ago (see: Trunki suitcase keeps toddlers entertained during flight delays). Adorable hard-sided suitcase designed to be ridden around, which kids do with regular wheeled luggage anyway. Amazon has put a selection of Trunkis on sale at 40% off...

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12 May 2011

Post-it Easel Pads turn into an instant doodle art gallery

via flexibledreams.blogspot.com Ever seen the poster-sized Post-it easel pads used in office and school settings? Perfect for turning large-format doodle art into a makeshift, moveable wall gallery. Pictured here: Amy's artistic daughter with a pad of Post-its rescued from the recycling bin. Thanks for sharing, Amy! Full Post: Flexible Dreams:...

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