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27 April 2011

The Happiest Mom giveaway winners!

My son is taller than I am. Okay, that's not saying much, as I'm barely five feet. The point is, he's growing up. I remember, when he was a baby and a toddler, feeling like my life would always be a crazy blur of hormones and nursing and frenetic toddler...

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26 April 2011

Review and giveaway: The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood

There was a time when the title -- even the premise -- of this book would have tripped my skepticism alarm. "What can a parenting 'expert' tell me about being happy, especially in ten little steps?" Harumph. I'm now older and more experienced, and I know better than to pooh-pooh...

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12 April 2011

Feed your baby in the baby bathtub...in the sink

Jen's feed-then-wash the baby hack: Feeding baby food always seems to be so sticky and messy. Once you're done, you need to clean the chair AND give the baby a bath. Seems logical to consolidate the process and confine the mess by feeding the baby IN the bathtub! My bathtub...

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12 April 2011

Collapsible baby wipe packages work better than travel wipe containers

Lisa says lose the travel wipe container! When I was a new mom and carried a big diaper bag with every possible baby supply, I used a plastic, portable-sized and refillable baby wipe container. The problem was that I was always worried that I would run out of wipes, and...

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31 March 2011

Baking soda paste as no-tear shampoo

A gentle hair-washing hack from Kate: If you are afraid of shampoo in the eyes, or have sensitive skin, try a baking soda paste to wash hair. Seriously. No suds, safe to ingest, leaves hair squeaky clean. Follow with conditioner. Cheap, too! Is baking soda magical or what? You can...

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22 March 2011

Reclining high chair makes for hands-free snot sucking and medicine-giving

Kelly Rose's sick-baby-containment tip: My 11 month-old is battling pneumonia right now, so we've had to use a nasal aspirator and give him medicine, both of which he hates and struggles against. We have a high chair that reclines (Fisher Price Space Saver), so I put him in the high...

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14 March 2011

Cheaper nursing pads that actually stay put: cut a pantiliner in half

Nursing moms: this hack is a thing of beauty. From Ashley: I'm breastfeeding my three month-old and quickly got sick of buying nursing pads. Not only are they expensive and wasteful but they are large (I don't leak THAT much) and bulky. I tried the reusable ones but they were...

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04 March 2011

Amazon today only: Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula 29% off

Any formula discount is meaningful, so here you go: in today's Friday Sale, Amazon's selling Earth's Best Organic Infant Formula (four 25.75 oz. canisters) for $92. Subscribe & Save members save an additional 15%, bringing the current price to $78.20. Two-day shipping is free for all. If you're an Amazon...

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03 March 2011

Homemade "sock keeper" holds stray socks while they wait for their mates

Delia Creates via www.ohdeedoh.com Cute way to keep track of single baby socks till their mates turn up. I can't help but imagine how my 11 year-old son's massive tube socks would engulf that frame! For the full how-to, read the original post at Delia Creates. (Thanks to Ohdeedoh for...

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16 February 2011

No closet in baby's room? Hack an IKEA Expedit bookshelf.

Via IKEA Hackers via www.ohdeedoh.com This IKEA Expedit bookshelf hack is brilliant and totally doable. Read the original post at IKEA Hackers for details. This would also be a good solution for storing dress-up clothes assuming the bar's lower and the shelf is bolted to the wall. Related: Fashion a...

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16 February 2011

Book light lets baby sleep through nighttime diaper changes

Scott's lighting solution for when he needs to change diapers in the dark: Get a book light! A simple off-the-shelf book light produces just enough light so you can see what you're doing, but still keeps the room dark so your child can sleep through the process. You can clip...

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14 February 2011

Amazon Mom gets you cheap diapers and 3 months of Amazon Prime

Amazon's gotten smart about reaching out to busy parents with its new program Amazon Mom. Free membership in Amazon Mom nets you the following benefits: 30% off diapers and wipes ordered through Subscribe & Save -- twice the 15% offered to regular Subscribe & Save buyers. Three free months of...

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24 January 2011

Amazon today only: Lorex LIVE video baby monitor 75% off

Video baby monitor? Really? This sounds like a setup for one of my rants about baby gear you don't really need. And you don't, in my opinion, really need this product. But if you're one of those parents who would rest easier every night with a video monitor sitting on...

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13 January 2011

Homemade baby swing

via www.spousonomics.com I love the swing, but I especially love the story that goes along with the swing and the phrase "deeply plastic," which I intend to coopt. Thanks for the pointer, Paula!

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17 November 2010

Best of Parent Hacks: Thanksgiving

We've got Thanksgiving on the brain! Whether you're traveling or hosting, I'm sure you do, too. We got a bunch of fantastic Thanksgiving tips and ideas in this Best of Parent Hacks roundup: Best of Parent Hacks: Thanksgiving Got something to add? Tell me about it! Email me at hacks@parenthacks.com...

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