Links I Like

Handmade Teddy

I read a lot every week, and have been sharing links I like on Twitter and Facebook for years. Before social media, I used to do a regular blog post full of links I'd saved in Delicious. Who remembers Delicious?? #oldschool For me (community … [Read more]

Book Love: Design Mom by Gabrielle Blair

Design Mom cover

My first official Book Love is Gabrielle Blair's Design Mom: How to Live With Kids: A Room By-Room Guide. A surprising choice because I'm an ambivalent homemaker, a so-so decorator and a habitual underbuyer. (Fortunately I married a domestically … [Read more]

Introducing Book Love

A good life includes good books. #booklove

You know how, when you're thinking about buying a new car, you suddenly notice that exact car all over town? It's sort of like that for me right now with books. Now that I'm writing another book, I find myself tuned in to other authors. … [Read more]